Delivering financial evidence.

We process data at scale; quickly, accurately,efficiently, and making smart use of technology – to help our clients reclaim losses in markets that have failed them.

Our clients and key market contacts.

We use the Punter Southall Group’s accumulated subject matter expertise in financial services to help corporate and trustee clients recover historical losses through mediation or formal litigation, and to save costs going forwards through re-negotiated services with retained counterparties.

CFOs / FDs.
Reclaiming money directly on a no risk / no cost basis, plus ongoing cost-saving where possible.

Our loss recovery services help improve the performance of pension schemes.

General Counsel.
In-house legal are involved when a litigation or loss recovery process starts.

Law firms.
Case requirements include quantification of losses and expert witness evidence.

Litigation funders.
We help quantify new opportunities and recruit claimants.

Why Punter Southall Analytics?

We use ‘regulated-grade’ IT infrastructure to support secure data acquisition and safe-keeping.

Programming capability.
We automate the extraction, transformation and analysis of data, saving time and money.

We have the flexibility to forego upfront payment in return for a contingent fee arrangement.

We are connected to executives and partners at corporates, law firms and litigation funders at the most senior level.