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Punter Southall Analytics specialises in payment cards.
We are a division of Punter Southall Group, which
provides a unique combination of advisory, actuarial
and administration services to over 1,000 companies,
organisations and pension schemes in the UK.


  • Routing optimisation
  • Security protocol tracking
  • BIN creep mitigation
  • Forex management
  • Refund investigation
  • Chargeback hotspots


  • Calculate interchange fees paid over time
  • Summarise by jurisdiction
  • Apply alternative counterfactuals
  • Separate consumer from commercial
  • Identify and classify scheme fees
  • Stop-the-clock on expiring claims


  • Drive more effective marketing campaigns
  • Allocate resources for greater efficiency
  • Actively manage card portfolios
  • Easy-to-use Excel interface
  • Pre-calculated outcomes for speed
  • Integrate with your internal data